What We Do

The First Priority Global Strategy

First Priority Global’s mission is to launch youth led ministries in cities and communities around the globe.

“We believe young people are the best Missionaries, Ministers and Messengers of the Gospel to their generation.” – Benny Proffitt

First Priority Global Ministry provides a Youth Led Ministry Strategy with Resources. This Youth led ministry model is a Simple, Biblical, and Effective “Great Commission” Plan of Action that equips young people to launch and lead their own ministry to reach their generation.

The First Priority Ministry Model can be adapted to work in their school, their community, their church and at their home. Wherever God opens the door. Wherever there is a need for more effective youth ministry.

The First Priority Ministry Model can be adapted to any cultural context. First Priority works in rural, small town or big city settings. The ministry strategy and resources can be integrated into existing ministry models.

The Mission Field


The First Priority ministry is implemented through organized student-led school gatherings and continual ministry team efforts.


In cultures where many young people do not attend school or where schools are unwilling to permit organized Christian ministry, the First Priority strategy can be implemented with youth led gatherings in various community locations. Ministry team efforts are also implemented within the community.


To equip this generation for this great calling, First Priority Global assists communities around the world in developing local First Priority organizations.

In order to fulfill their passion for reaching youth for Jesus Christ, these young leaders need a vision and plan—a roadmap that will show them the path to successfully reaching their generation.

When you donate to First Priority Global, you are empowering youth leaders all over the world to find success in their personal journey of becoming like Jesus and empower them as they speak truth into the lives of other young people through youth led ministry and discipleship.

“It takes all of us to reach all of them!

Benny Proffitt, Founder, First Priority

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