What is First Priority?

First Priority Global is a church-based, school and community focused, youth led ministry that unites the body of Christ with a proven strategy that raises leaders who reach the next generation with the hope of Christ.


The Hope of Jesus Christ in the Next Generation


Equipping the Next Generation to Live and Share the Hope of Jesus Christ

Our Distinctives

  • Local Church Strategy
  • Youth Led Ministry
  • Community-Based and Locally Owned
  • Essential Local Support Structure
  • Adaptable for rural, suburban and urban settings.


Empowering young people as leaders to speak truth and life into the lives of young people through “peer to peer” ministry and discipleship.


Every person coming into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Every Christian finding a place to give their lives in meaningful service to Jesus Christ.


Every Christian taking their place in their communities, speaking truth and impacting their generation for Jesus Christ.


Every Christian being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ, which is God’s design for their destiny.


Every Christian working together as the body of Christ, impacting and winning their communities for Jesus Christ.

“Whoever wins the next generation, wins!

Benny Proffitt, Founder, First Priority Global Ministries

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