Impact Now Campaign

Support one of our Global Leaders in a country where Christians are persecuted for sharing Jesus.

The easy places are already taken

Your monthly gift to “Impact Now” will help provide the needs for a First Priority leader’s family and support their ministry activities, transportation and programing.

$1,000.00 a month would impact their lives and ministry effectiveness radically.

Your gift of any amount to the “Impact Now” Campaign will help one of these amazing leaders

Many of our leaders are in countries where “anti conversion” laws and radical anti Christian groups make it very difficult, very dangerous and sometimes deadly to share the gospel.

Yet, these leaders are passionate about reaching the young of their nation so they pray continually, they plan strategically and they go boldly in the name of Jesus.

They are key to fulfilling the vision God has given us to reach this generation for Jesus Christ. 

In these, primarily in Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim ruled nations, they are not able to raise support for their family or ministry and so we are asking for your help.

We believe God has called us to go to all nations to share the mission, vision, and strategy of First Priority Global. The Lord is giving us some amazingly gifted leaders who are called to reach the youth of their nation even in these highly persecuted areas of our world. These leaders are having a major impact now, reaching many for young people for Jesus Christ and discipling them to be Jesus messengers right now and for generations to come. 

Your giving will impact these leaders, this generation of youth, and these nations for His Kingdom and for eternity. We are asking you to simply pray, ask God what He wants you to give, then obey.

“It will take all of the US to reach all of them.”

Over 2 billion young people have never heard the true story of Jesus

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