The Every Campaign

We believe “Every” young person on earth needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ!

This was Jesus’ command to us in Mark 16:15

And Jesus said to them, Go into all the world and Preach the gospel to “Every” creature. At First Priority we take Jesus’ command very seriously and we have a plan.

We are Launching “Peer to Peer” Student Led Ministry in “Every” community in the world with a plan to share the Message of Hope in Jesus Christ with “Every” young person


At First Priority:

  • We believe the best messenger of the gospel to a young person is another young person.
  • We believe young people can be messengers, ministers and missionaries of the gospel to their generation right now. 
  • We believe God wants you to be a part of this global outreach to “Every” young person in the world.

Our “Every” Campaign

Our First Priority team of leaders, partners, and ambassadors have literally traveled around the world over the last 10 sharing the vision and strategy of First Priority.

Sri Lanka

Everywhere we go, (The Americas, Africa, Europe, Middle East, India, Asia, China) we hear the same responses.

  • First Priority is what we need!
  • This is what we have been praying for!
  • Can you help us?
  • How quick can we get started! 

Will you become part of this Global plan by supporting First Priority’s “Every” Campaign and help launch a “peer to Peer” Student Led Ministry in “Every” community, in “Every” country around the world?

Your monthly gift to the “Every” campaign will help launch one of these “Peer to Peer” Youth Led Ministries in a global region, in a country, in a city or in a community.

Give what is in your heart to give, and tell “Every” one you know to join the “Every” Campaign.

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