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We are driven to see the transformational work of God unfold right before our eyes. The Word of God tells us to Go, and as we go, we would love for you to go with us as we witness His mighty works. All around the world we are seeing the handprint of God continually manifesting Him as He is transforming lives, communities, and culture.

It’s our goal to equip the next generation to live, share, and model the hope of Christ Jesus. We believe young people are to be the missionaries, ministers, and messengers of the gospel to their generation. First Priority Global Missions (FPGM) is witnessing many millennials, young people and children give their lives to Christ. As glorious as this is, it is not enough! God has called us to go and make disciples of all nations. Therefore, we believe it is our obligation to disciple each of these followers of Christ to see His life evident in every area of their life for His Kingdom. For us this means Students Reaching Students, A Global army of messengers in every community, in every country, on every continent. Launching Student Led Ministries!


Whoever Wins the Next Generation Wins

God created an army of heavenly messengers, we call angels, to accomplish His purposes in Heaven and on earth (Heb. 13:2). God is now creating an army of earthly messengers, we call disciples, to accomplish His purposes on Earth to fulfill God’s plan for God’s glory. We are training leaders to value the complete body of Christ by pouring into millennials, young people and children; teaching them that every day of their life they are the Body of Christ. We are witnessing transformation of people, communities, and a culture for the kingdom of God.

Transforming communities also means renewing our minds in every aspect of life within home, school, business, sports, leisure, etc. We are raising up a generation of Disciples to impact all peoples they encounter so they may see the work of God transforming more of His children right before their eyes.


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