National Ambassador

The First Priority National Ambassador (NA) is the point person in initiating and developing First Priority Global (FPG) Ministry organizations in cities and communities within their nation. Through certification and covenant relationship with FPG, the NA will be trained and connected to the FPG support structure to help them succeed.  It is important that the NA keeps the Mission, Vision, and Strategy of First Priority pure and clear.  The NA keeps the plan simple and focused.  Their leadership is essential to the success of First Priority in the country they serve.

A First Priority Global NATIONAL AMBASSADOR will:


  1. Work under the authority of First Priority Global being responsible for the promotion and coordination of the work in a designated area.
  2. Seek and Identify strategic local partners and take them through the process of selection, training and certification to launch new communities.
  3. Assist in piloting and launching new communities within their designated area until the Community Coordinator/Mentor (CCM) in that community is selected, trained and certified.
  4. Coordinate the communication and training for their designated area and be responsible for the accountability and reporting from their designated area back to First Priority Global.
  5. Submit an annual report each year in January for the previous year using the First Priority Global Annual Report Guidelines.


  • Passionately pursue Christ-likeness with evidence of the fruit of the Spirit described in Galatians 5:22-23.  Be committed to a personal pursuit of Christ-likeness, spending time with God in prayer, consistent in studying God’s Word, and faithfully worshipping with other believers. Becoming like Christ is our First Priority!
  • Work with others in the spirit of unity as described in the prayer of Jesus in John    17:20-21 and in Romans 12:10-11.  Be committed to lead by example within the First Priority group and outside the group at all times.  As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are teaching others to live and share the hope of Christ by the way we act, speak, and live.

How you live matters!