Prayer Coordinator

The Prayer Coordinator is the point person in coordinating and overseeing the FP community prayer ministry. The PC is working with the Core4 Team to lead the charge to unite believers to fervently pray on behalf of this next generation.

A First Priority Global Prayer Coordinator will:


  1. Work under the authority of the Community Coordinator/Mentor (CCM) leading your First Priority CORE4 Team.
  2. In partnership with your CCM, be committed to understanding and communicating the First Priority Mission, Vision and Strategy with those who have a passion to reach the Next Generation with the Gospel in your community.
  3. In partnership with your CCM, assemble a multi-denominational prayer team from those who have a passion for interceding for young people in the community.
  4. With the Core4 Intercessors, pray strategically and scripturally for your community.
  5. In partnership with your CCM and the First Priority Coaches in your community, seek to coordinate prayer with the youth on the Pray Team at each school at some point each month.


  1. Passionately pursue Christ-likeness with evidence of the fruit of the Spirit described in Galatians 5:22-23. Be committed to a personal pursuit of Christ-likeness, spending time with God in prayer, consistent in studying God’s Word, and faithfully worshipping with other believers.
  2. Work with others in the spirit of unity as described in the prayer of Jesus in John 17:20-21 and in Romans 12:10-11. Be committed to lead by example within the First Priority group and outside the group at all times. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are teaching others to live and share the hope of Christ by the way we act, speak, and live.