First Priority Global Strategy

“We believe young people are the best Missionaries, Ministers and Messengers of the Gospel to their generation.” – Benny Proffitt

Therefore, as a part of our strategy, we desire to be a part of Uniting the Body of Christ with a Proven Strategy to Raise Leaders and Reach the Next Generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Mission Field


The First Priority ministry is implemented through organized student-led school gatherings and continual ministry team efforts.


In cultures where many young people do not attend school or where schools are unwilling to permit organized Christian ministry, the First Priority strategy can be implemented with youth-led gatherings in various community locations. Ministry team efforts are also implemented within the community.

To equip this generation for this great calling, First Priority Global assists communities around the world in developing certified First Priority Global organizations through our 3 Phase process:

Phase 1: Discovery

Phase 2: Development

Phase 3: Direction