Core4 Community Strategy

A certified First Priority Global Community is one that has implemented the First Priority Core4 Strategy. As a united Body of Christ, comprised of multiple denominations, the First Priority certified community is committed to using their diversity of giftings and abilities to see the Hope of Jesus in the Next Generation!

The Core4 Functions:

Disciple: Building a foundation of truth into the lives of this generation to defeat the lies of the enemy.

Minister: Delivering the message of God’s hope through Jesus Christ to a generation held captive by the enemy.

Pray: Calling upon the Holy Spirit to provide the power needed to win against the schemes of the enemy.

Give: Ensuring the ministry has the resources needed to fight this battle day in and day out.


Providing the training and resources to assist the youth in living and sharing their faith.

Coaches are trained and certified by the local FP leadership and play a vital role in the success of the ministry.


Living and Sharing their Faith in Jesus Christ at school and in their community.

Youth are the messengers of the Gospel to their Generation. Coaches train and equip them with the FP game plan!


Petitioning the Lord on behalf of the next generation with prayer and fasting.

Intercessors are prepared with a plan of action by the Prayer Coordinator and serve to fight the spiritual war in the heavenly realms on behalf of their children in their community.


Providing the necessary resources for the ministry to effectively fulfill the mission.

A Support Coordinator builds a team of people to see the ministry has all the resources it needs!