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There are over 2 Billion young people on earth who have never heard the story of Jesus.

We have a plan to reach them.

How do you take the Gospel to those people groups still unreached?

Help us train and raise up leaders.

Training Local

Launching Youth Led
Evangelism Ministries

In Every Community
in Every Country

We Believe the Greatest Messenger of the Gospel to a Young Person is another Young Person.

It’s time we stop treating our kids and teenagers only as the future of the Church and start equipping them to be the Church now! First Priority is a Church-based, school-focused, student-led ministry that is all about the united Body of Christ in a community using a proven strategy to raise leaders and reach the next generation with the Hope of Christ.

“I want to see other young people who were like me come to know Jesus. He changed my life.”
– William, First Priority Student